Honor Ensembles are part of the Music for All National Festival, presented by Yamaha, and consist of the Honor Band of America, Honor Orchestra of America, and Jazz Band of America. The National Festival is held annually in March in Indianapolis. 

A complete Honor Ensemble application has two parts: a written application and a recorded audition. Follow these tips to create the best possible recorded audition!

Tip 1 - High-Quality Recording

A high-quality recording is expected – but don’t worry that doesn’t mean fancy or expensive equipment! The best thing you can do is have a good recording environment. Background noise and poor sound quality can make your application hard to evaluate.

Tip 2 - Framing

Frame the audition video properly. You should remain centered in the frame throughout the whole video. Instrumentalists and percussionists, we should be able to see your face and the instrument, including your hands.

Tip 3 - Submit Promptly

Submit your application promptly! Even though the deadline is not until August 1, you should start practicing the material and begin recording now. It might take some time to capture a video you are happy with.

Tip 4 - Clean Background

Use a clean backdrop or background! If possible, record in front of a plain colored wall. Don’t let a busy background distract the evaluators – the focus should be on you and your audition.

Tip 5 - Look Professional

Be sure to look your best! Looking presentable and professional is important. Tuck in your shirt, try to wear plain colors, and keep your hair out of your face.

Tip 6 - Speak Clearly

Speak clearly when introducing yourself. This is our chance to get to know you a little bit more than just hearing and seeing your audition!

Tip 7 - Watch Your Submission

Watch your audition before you submit it! You have time to practice and can record multiple attempts. If you aren’t pleased with your first attempt, take a break and do it again.

Tip 8 - Quiet Environment

We need to be able to hear you! Make sure you are recording your video audition in a quiet environment without a lot of echo.

Tip 9 - Be Prepared

To enjoy the process you must be prepared! Be prepared and your audition will come across as enjoyable for both the evaluators and you.

Tip 10 - Show Your Best Self

Show your best self! Show us what you can do confidently. Trying to perform music or skills outside of your current ability level doesn’t show us how talented you are! We are looking for members that are willing to learn and grow through this process.