Honor Ensemble Frequently Asked Questions

All dates on this page reference 2023 (unless specifically noted otherwise) and will be updated for 2024 as they become known.


All honor ensemble members must arrive by 1 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 30 for registration followed by the honor ensemble orientation meetings. Honor ensemble concerts will conclude by 11 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 2. All honor ensemble packages include housing on Sunday night, for Monday morning departures. Members will not be refunded if they depart early and do not use their hotel room on Sunday night.

Once Honor Ensemble members check-in, all transportation to scheduled ensemble activities is provided.

Transportation to/from the airport is NOT included in the package cost. You may purchase a Music for All shuttle ride to/from the airport for an additional cost. This option will be available on the Travel Arrangements form.

Housing and Payments

The Honor Ensemble experience is designed to be a residential experience at the Festival headquarters hotel in downtown Indianapolis, IN. There will be no commuter packages available. Honor Ensemble members will be staying at the Marriott Complex in downtown Indianapolis.

The online registration form lists several types of housing packages available to you, based on length of stay and who you’d like to stay with.

On your registration, you may request a roommate, but requests are not guaranteed. You do not need to know any other students to accept your position and participate in the experience. We will place you with other honor ensemble students.

Students in both an Honor Ensemble and school ensemble will pay the Honor Ensemble package price and be housed in the Honor Ensemble room block.

Students and Family members may share a room. No single rooms will be offered for students. All packages are housed in rooms with two (2) Queen beds. Roll away beds are not permitted. 

View the Package Pricing Sheet. These package prices are for all students, chaperones, and affiliated adults who will be
traveling and staying with the group.

All packages must be paid in full by March 1, 2023.


Music for All will provide a lead chaperone to lead the team, but parents of honor ensemble students will be given the option to apply for a chaperone position. Chaperones will need to pay the package price to cover their expenses.

Chaperone Applications are online, and due by 1/30/23.

Crossover Students

Crossover students are members of the Honor Ensembles that are also performing with their school ensemble at the festival. These students will only be released to your school ensemble for your school’s warm-up, performance and clinic. Crossover students will pay the Honor Ensemble package price and be housed in the Honor Ensemble room block.

Online Registration is still required, but you may select “Pay by Check” so payment is not required at this time. Music for All will compare your school registration and create an individualized invoice to reflect your Honor Ensemble registration.

Students in both an honor ensemble and a Festival school ensemble receive one (1) Concert Audio Recording package of their Honor Ensemble performance. For an additional fee, students may purchase their school ensemble performance recording.
Chair Placements - Part Assignments
Once the registration deadline passes, we are going to set all members up in a MusicFirst classroom where we will have a small assignment to determine the chair placements. 
After that is complete, part assignments will be made and music will be distributed.
On-Site Communications: The BAND App

For onsite communication between Honor Ensemble members, Chaperones and Music for All Staff, Music for All will be using the BAND Mobile App. This is a FREE app available for all smart phones, where we will be posting important daily information, reminders, and schedule changes/updates should they occur. Each member is asked to join so that they are able to receive these communications from Music for All staff, and ultimately their chaperones while participating in the Festival.  

We encourage all members to download this app now! Prior to your arrival in Indianapolis, members will be able to meet each other and communicate electronically and receive reminders about important deadlines.  

Each group is unique, and members will only be approved to join the ensemble they are members in.   This BAND group is a PRIVATE group and not open to the public. This group is intended to be a direct communication channel with participating members, chaperones and the MFA staff. Members will also have the ability to securely communicate with staff should they have any on-site concerns or questions.  

We ask that when you set up your profile, you upload a clear photo of yourself and set your display name to be YOUR first and last name.  
     NOTE: Nicknames and screen names are NOT to be used here, and profiles with names that do not match the member’s name per our records will not be approved.  

When Setting up your account you will be asked 2 questions: 
ENTER YOUR NAME FOR THIS BAND: Enter YOUR first and last name 
WHAT IS YOUR ROLE IN THIS GROUP? Enter your Section (Alto Sax, Clarinet, Percussion, etc.)  

If you are a parent requesting to join, list your role as PARENT. If you do not identify as a parent, member requests with names that do NOT match our roster will not be approved. 

If you choose to NOT upload an image of yourself, that is okay. Please leave the image blank, do NOT upload images of fictional characters, emojis, or anything else. 

Concert Tickets

Tickets are required to attend the Honor Ensemble concerts. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.
If you purchased a Student/Family Housing package, tickets will be in your check-in packet, and additional tickets are not required.